Elizabeth Bee is a Nashville based, Internationally touring, singer-songwriter with a smoky, soulful voice that winds its way through the influences of Americana music.  Her live performance combines intimate storytelling with original music about the value of self, asking hard questions, embracing inner quirks and so much more. Elizabeth Bee is unapologetically inclusive and leaves audiences knowing that their true-self is always welcome.  Listeners who enjoy artists like Melissa Etheridge, Bishop Briggs, Grace Potter and Mary Chapin Carpenter will enjoy Elizabeth Bee.

A complimentary combination of light and dark, with grit, soul and.....determination. That one word - determination - effectively describes how Elizabeth's career got started. Elizabeth Hareza (also known as Bee, Hareza & White Chocolate) suffered from crippling stage fright which could have killed her career before it got off the ground but she forced herself to perform at a number of open mic nights to help shake it off. Elizabeth also put adverts online looking for a band to perform with. After convincing a band member to take her on, she gained a lot of experience performing with a band of seasoned professionals. Even though the band ended she partnered with one of her band mates who helped her find her feet and taught her about songwriting and the music business. Elizabeth will always be thankful for this invaluable help.

Elizabeth's parents were a huge influence on her and helped her channel her energies into positivity from an early age. It was her love of music that helped Elizabeth through the tragic death of her father when she was twenty. Instead of trying to move on, Elizabeth found a way of living with her dad as part of her. This helped Elizabeth come to terms with her loss. She also turned to her music as a source of comfort and release.

Even though Elizabeth tried other careers, she knew in her heart that music would always be her life. She struggled with making connections and, even though she was determined never to judge anyone else by their appearance, she often felt judged herself. It was only when Elizabeth turned up to parties and events with her guitar that people started to take notice of her and want to know more about her. Elizabeth states "Music broke the barriers that I had been trying to overcome for most of my life". Through this experience, Elizabeth decided to help others who may be in her position by creating a community of songwriters where, no matter how diverse people are, the common link is music.

Music has brought a number of other opportunities to Elizabeth. She volunteers at several music industry conferences, helping musicians and others connect and get the most out of each conference.

Elizabeth released the 'My Peeps' EP in 2015, which comprises of a number of songs she had written, performed by her and other local musician friends. She is currently looking to change direction to something more fresh and groovy. Her music is about life, people and the stories we all have within us. We are all individuals but we are all in this world together, sharing the same emotions through different experiences. Sharing stories through music is something Elizabeth passionately believes with help us all to grow and connect with each other.

After her first performance at the 'Old Many Boatshed', Elizabeth has matured as a musician and has gained a lot of vital experience. If you ask Elizabeth about the most important thing she has learnt in her career so far she will tell you that it is to be patient and to embrace a sense of community. Nothing ever happens overnight but if you surround yourself with good people and believe in yourself then it can happen.

Elizabeth is currently working on two new concept albums which are compilations of life experiences and expressions of her emotions throughout her life.

Elizabeth has her sights set on touring and collaborating with artists from all over the world. Her main drive has alway been to inspire others.

"We don't have to agree with one another but we can certainly show each other the respect every human being deserves."